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Flux Cored Wire - Types and Sizes

S. No. Stainless Steel Duplex Wire Low Alloy Mild Steel SS Non Purging
1 FCW 308LT-1 E 2209LT-1 E 81T1-B2 E 71T-1 R 308LT1-5
2 FCW 309LT-1 E 2594LT-1 E91T1-B3 E 71T-5 R 309LT1-5
3 FCW E309LMO T-1 E 2595LT-1 R 316LT1-5
4 FCW E316LT-1 E 2593LT-1 R 347LT1-5
5 FCW E310LT-1
6 FCW E347LT-1
7 FCW E317LT-1

Secure prospects of increasing productivity for various welding applications by using our professionally-designed electrodes. At Arcflow Industries, we deal with the manufacture & supply of durable flux-cored welding wires used for various arc-welding applications. Particularly, these wires are suitable for flux-cored welding (FCAW) method.

Choose the right FCW or flux-cored welding wire

Aligning to all the standards defined by the American Welding Society, we adhere to the best-in-class practices to manufacture flux-cored wires for welding. Being the top flux-cored wire manufacturer & supplier based in Delhi, India, we ensure the robust quality of wire, tensile strength, and application-specific characteristics.

Focus on these composition details to choose the best flux-core welding wires from Arcflow Industries:

  • Core material: The flux-cored welding wires with a core and additives like alloying elements, and deoxidizers
  • Outer Sheath: The flux-cored wire for welding offers protection to the core during the welding & related weld applications.

How Arcflow Industries caters to the modern welding with the best flux-cored wire?

Our experienced welding consumables manufacturing professionals focus on the composition and application specific flux-cored wires. We ensure that our Gas-shielded (FCAW-G) and Self-shielded (FCAW-S) welding wires provide superior quality welds irrespective of the applications. Besides, the high-deposition rates, welding position and penetration capabilities are supported by our flux-cored welding wires. You may explore the wide range of welding wire consumables including TIG & MIG, flux-cored welding wires, tungsten alloy rod, etc.

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