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Tungsten Alloy Rod

With the consistent record in the market as a manufacturer & supplier of tungsten alloy rods, we assure the X-Ray shielding capacities, improved ductility and vibration & kickback reduction are comprised in our product range. Besides, the hardness, excellent thermal conductivity and required machinability of our various tungsten alloy rods support the different welding applications with the utmost precision.

Industries like aerospace, defence, medical and nuclear require specific tungsten alloy rods for applications like radiation shielding, kinetic energy penetrators, balancing weights and high-temperature tooling. At Arcflow Industries, we focus on the blend of tungsten and the other metals such as copper, iron and nickel to manufacture best-in-class welding rods & other consumables.

Types of Tungsten Alloy Rods

Our proactive and experienced team members understand the significance of using the right combination of materials to manufacture the welding rods. Among the various types of tungsten alloy rods, high-density welding consumables comprise of nickel and iron additives for achieving high density in the weld applications. Our other products include thoriated tungsten welding rods, zirconiated and lanthinated tungsten alloys. We use copper, tritium, nickel and thorium to improve the quality of tungsten-based welding consumables.

Being the best tungsten alloy rod supplier in Delhi, we have addressed the need to attain high-density, balance of density & machinability and electrical conductivity required by various industries for welding processes.

Sizes of Tungsten Alloy Rods

In order to purchase the best tungsten alloy rods, availability, machinability, diameter, tolerance & surface finish and length of the product should be checked. You just need to identify the basic attributes of the product that offer sufficient hardness, thermal conductivity and finishes in different environmental conditions.

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