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Tig and Mig Filler Wire - Types and Sizes

S.No. Nickel Alloys Stainless Steel Mild Steel Aluminium Wire Copper Alloys Duplex & Super Duplex Non Ferrous Alloys
1 ER Ni-1 304L ER 70S2 ER 1100 ER Cu ER 2205 Silver Brazing Alloys
2 ER CuNi (70-30) ER 308L ER 70S6 ER 4043 ER Cusi A ER 2209 Silicon Brass Brazing
3 ER CuNi (90-10) ER 308H ER 70S3 ER 4047 ER CuSn A ER 2507 Copper Phos Brazing
4 ER NiCu7 ER 308Lsi ER 70SG ER 5356 ER Cu Al-A1 ER 2594 Silver Copper Brazing
5 ER NiCr3 ER 309L ER 80SG ER 5183 ER Cu Al-A2 ER 2553
6 ER NicrMo3 ER 309Lsi ER 70SA-1 ER 5556 ER Cu Al Ni
7 ER NiCrMo4 ER 309Lmo ER 70SB2L ER Cu Mn Ni Al
8 ER NiCrMo10 ER 310 ER 100S-G
9 ER NiCrMo13 ER 312 ER 110S-G
10 ER NiCrCoMo1 ER 316H ER 120S-G
11 ER NiFeCr1 ER 316L ER 80SD2
12 ER NiFeCr2 ER 316Lsi ER 80SNi1
13 ER Fe Ni 60% ER 317L ER 80SNi2
14 ER Fe Ni 55% ER 318 ER 80SNi3
15 ER Fe Ni 36% ER 320 ER 90S-B2
16 Inconel Tm F.M.52 ER 320LR ER 90SG
17 ER 347 ER 80S-B2
18 ER 385 (904L) ER 90S-D2
19 ER 410 ER 90SB3
20 ER 410 Nimo ER 80SB8
21 ER 430 ER 90SB9
22 ER 630 ER 80S-B3L
23 ER 80S-B6
24 ER 100S-1
25 ER110S-1
26 ER83S-1

Maximize the productivity of your welding applications with our best-in-class welding consumables. Experience the safety at workplace by using the welding wire that we supply. At Arcflow Industries, we focus on supplying MIG and TIG welding wires that are lab-tested and field-tested. All our welding consumables including wires used for various applications meet the official standards.

The proactive team at Arcflow Industries constantly upgrades the quality of welding consumables in terms of application and composition. With our rigorous R&D and constant efforts to offer professionally manufactured welding wires, we have become the top MIG and TIG welding wire supplier.

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At Arcflow Industries, we facilitate businesses with the supply of superior quality welding consumables, including, MIG and TIG welding wires manufactured in compliance with the international safety & quality standards. Apart from welding wires, our wide range of products comprise of welding electrodes, accessories, welding filler wire, etc. Being the best MIG and TIG welding wire supplier in Delhi, India, Arcflow Industries is all set to offer a premium range of welding consumables backed by the power of manufacturing technologies. For detailed assistance on welding wire selection, Contact us today!

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