Gas Welding Regulator Yamato

Gas – Oxy/ DA/ Argon/ Co2 , N2

Brand – Yamato

Regulator Type – Low Pressure Regulator

Material – Brass

Usage/Application – Industrial

Hsn code – 84811000

Are you searching for a gas welding regulator with constant gas flow and no gas leakage? Check out the Gas Welding Regulator Yamato, one of the notable products from a supreme Yamato Gas Welding Regulator Supplier in India.

The Yamato gas regulator is known for its constant gas flow, accurate pressure settings, and secure valve for no gas leakage. Moreover, it is forged with a safe & secure brass body. With the inlet pressure of 0-350 bar, the outlet pressure of 0-35 bar, and compatibility with a wide range of gases like Oxygen, DA (Dissolved Acetylene), Argon, Co2, and N2, Yamato is a suitable Gas Welding Regulator for all industrial purposes, i.e., welding, cutting, heating, and brazing.