Safety Helmet Nape Type

Brand – Arcflow

Material – HDPE

Usage/Application – Industrial and Construction Industry

Model – Nap Type

Colour – White/Yellow/ Red/Blue


Being the HDPE Nape Type Safety Helmet Manufacturer in India, Arcflow offers a plethora of safety helmets that offer the finest head protection in the most challenging environment. Safety Helmet Nape Type is one of them.

The Safety Helmet Nape Type is designed with a secure head harness & an ergonomic design to overcome harsh and rugged industrial conditions. Also, it seamlessly focuses on eye, face, and hearing protection. Available in White, Yellow, Red, and Blue, these Safety Helmet Nape Type are ideal for the Industrial and Construction Industry.

Moreover, our Nape-type safety helmet comes with manual adjustment to suit most the head sizes.


  • Non-irritant and soft-fabric headband
  • Rigid and comfortable design
  • Lightweight