TIG MMA 400G Arc Welding Machine

Brand: Arcflow

Model: AFI 400 TIG/MMA

Series: IGBT

Input Power Voltage(V): AC380 V

Current Range (Ampere): 10 – 380 Amp

Duty Cycle: 70%


Range: 1.0 TO 4.0MM

TIG Welding Machine HSN Code: 85153990

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The foremost example of our enriched knowledge is the ‘TIG MMA 400G Arc Welding Machine’, and it offers outstanding arc stability with low spatter.

It’s auto protection against over-voltage and over-current ensures the welder’s safety.

This advanced TIG arc welding machine is designed following all the energy-saving parameters making it a super portable and ideal choice for welders.

TIG is one of the advanced methods that allows the welder to control the heat and amperage precision using a thumb or foot remote control switch. It makes manufacturing the TIG arc welding machines extremely difficult.

It needs years of hard work and precise knowledge, which Arcflow, the best TIG Arc Welding Machine Manufacturer in Delhi India, has.