Welding Electrode Holder Eco

BRAND: Sunshine

Type: Fully Insulated (A-Type)

Jaw: Mild Steel

Usage: Industrial

Model: ECO

Welding Electrode Holder HSN Code: 85159000

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We are the best Welding Electrode Holder Manufacturer in India, Welding Electrode Holder Eco is one of the safest and most comfortable welding electrode holders providing easy and effective connections to the cables.

Welding Electrode Holder Eco is manufactured with quality assured material and advanced techniques. The most significant example is its non-ferrous metallic alloy jaw, which transmits 100% current to the electrode.

The ‘Welding Electrode Holder Eco’ can be widely used in various fields like construction, welding in vessels, and fabrication of dockyard or ship-building.


  • Extremely Powerful Grip
  • High Grade Forged Mild Steel Jaw
  • Protected Springs
  • Fully Insulated (A-Type) Welding Holder
  • Heavy-Duty Welding Holder