Welding Machine MIG MMA 300 HD

Brand: Arcflow

Model: AFI 300 MIG/MMA

Series: IGBT

Input Power Voltage(V): AC380 V

Current Range (Ampere): 30 – 250 Amp

Duty Cycle: 70%

Insulation Class: F

Range: 0.8 MM

Mig Welding Machine HSN Code: 85153990

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Welding machine MIG MMA 300 HD is a versatile multi-voltage IGBT inverter MIG Equipment with a built-in wire-feeder & trolley. It is the top MIG welding machine model designed by the leading Heavy-Duty MIG Welding Machine Manufacturer in Delhi India.

With its easy to set operations and stepless speed controls, it is ideal for heavy industries using solid and flux-cored wires and Fabricator Feed wire-feeder.

MIG MMA 300 HD has a wide voltage tolerance for stable welding output; simultaneously, it is designed with a lightweight structure for improved mobility.

Furthermore, its potent digital screen results in simplified interfaces and automatic parameter adjustments.