Welding Safety Goggle AFI – 100

Lenses Material – Polycarbonate, PVC

Lens Type – Zero-power

Frame Type – Plastic

Lens Colour – Black (11 din), White, Smoke Gray

Gender – Male, Female

Usage – Industrial Safety

Brand – Arcflow

Item – Industrial Googles

Model – AFI – 100

Hsn Code – 900490090


Are you searching for the best welding safety goggles that can protect against debris and heat or prevent optical radiation? Then the Welding Safety Goggle AFI – 100 designed by Arcflow is the best choice to go with.

Designed with high-quality Polycarbonate, PVC material with zero power lenses, the AFI-100 safety goggles help you to avoid flying sparks and glares. These are the perfect fit for both male and female and comes in three different color- Black (11 dins), White, and Smoke Gray. You can get these Welding Safety Goggle AFI – 100 at a decent price range from the best Welder’s Goggle Manufacturer in India.


  • Long-life service
  • Prevents optical radiation
  • Combination of modern patterns and robust construction
  • UV protected