Welding Safety Goggle AFI – 50

Lenses Material – Polycarbonate, PVC

Lens Type – Zero-Power

Frame Type – Plastic

Lens Colour – Black (11 din), White, Smoke Gray

Gender – Male, Female

Usage – Industrial Safety

Brand – Arcflow

Item – Industrial Googles

Model – AFI – 50

Hsn Code – 900490090


Arcflow has gained great admiration in the welding industry by putting forward the best Welding Safety Eyewear that protects them from heat and sparks throughout the welding process and offers safety from dangerous chemicals. In order to provide the best safety goggles, our ingenious professionals use up-to-date modern technology and supreme quality raw material.

The Welding Safety Goggle AFI – 50 has collected huge praise, making us the best Welding Goggles Manufacturer in India. AFI-50 are zero-power lens goggles with different lens colors of Black (11 dins), White, and Smoke Gray. Moreover, these are a perfect fit for both male and female welders without worrying about the quality or fit.


  • Lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Provide excellent protection
  • Crack-resistant